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JFNA Guidance Documents 

Overview of Permissible Costs (December 30, 2019) 
Preliminary Guidance: Application Overview 101 (December 30, 2019) 
Preliminary Guidance: Vulnerability / Risk Assessment (December 24, 2019) 
Preliminary Investment Justification Guidance (January 13, 2020) 
Investment Justification (January 13, 2020) 
SAMs Registration Guidance (January 23, 2020) 
Preliminary Guidance: Threat Chronology (February 13, 2020) 
Investment Justification FY2020 Guidance (February 14, 2020) 
Additions to Key Changes Guidance (March 2, 2020) 
Additional Grant Guidance (March 5, 2020) 


Application Tools 


NSGP Scorting Tool for State Reviewer (February 18, 2020) 
NSGP Investment Justification (February 18, 2020) 



Notice (December 13, 2019) 
Notice (December 20, 2019) 
Webinar Notice (January 30, 2020) 


SCN / JFNA Webinar: Navigating the FY2020 Nonprofit Security Grant Program 

Webinar (February 6, 2020) 
Webinar FAQ
JFNA Webinar Notes 
Facility Self-Assesment Tool 

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